1. Closing Down

    To all my wonderful followers:

    I have two blogs and this one seems to have run dry in terms of interest, so I’m going to stop posting to it. Thank you for those of you who were interested.

    On the plus side, my other blog is going crazy with followers, so I invite you all to check it out:


    There you will find a greater variety of men and a somewhat edgier content over-all. Thanks again for following.

  4. unclemike666:

    When big bro came back from college that year, he not only looked like a man, but he had the needs of a man

  5. unclemike666:

    is ur little brother gonna come in here and suck this or not?

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  9. cockupied:

    Concentrating hard.

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  10. kinkogay:

    this guy’s expression makes this pic so hot!